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Who Can Benefit from Pure CBD Products?


Everyone! That's because Pure CBD products are a THC-free way to introduce cannabidiol (CBD) into your diet. Here we discuss the advantages of including a Pure CBD supplement to your day.

The Pure CBD line of products from Kannaway is formulated using 99 percent pure CBD isolate, derived from the same non-GMO hemp oil that goes into all of our products. This incredibly refined CBD is then added to our Pure CBD liquids and capsules for a CBD supplement unlike any other.

Because it is created with CBD isolate, Kannaway's Pure CBD line contains absolutely no THC, the compound in cannabis that gets users high. Pure CBD supplements are ideal for anyone looking to avoid THC completely.

This could be competing athletes. Even as an overwhelming number of athletes come out in favor of CBD, they are facing restrictive cannabis testing policies from their sports' governing bodies. The first CBD hemp oil product able to pass the restrictions on cannabis set forth by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), Pure CBD enables these athletes to enjoy the benefits of CBD without fear of negative consequences.

Pure CBD is also ideal for first responders, such as firefighters, police officers, and EMTs. Taking on physical exertion and stress as a daily part of their jobs, it is important these first responders have access to THC-free alternatives to pharmaceutical medications that fit their employers restrictions on cannabis use.

Both veterans and active military can also benefit from zero-THC Pure CBD products. Military personnel have largely been kept from accessing cannabinoids, even in states where it is legal, by restrictive Veterans Affairs policies. The VA has held tight to its prohibitive policy in the face of pressure from lawmakers and overwhelming support from U.S. voters. The THC-free Pure CBD line now allows our country's veterans to access cannabinoids like CBD without fear of reprisal for having THC in their system.

Finally, Pure CBD can be the preferred CBD hemp oil product for parents looking to supplement their child's diet with CBD but wish to avoid exposing them to even trace amounts of THC that exist in other hemp oil products. Children everywhere can benefit from the balancing effects cannabinoids have on the human body.

Kannaway is excited to offer this important new hemp oil product to anyone looking to avoid THC in their CBD supplement. Pure CBD opens up a growing market of customers looking to avoid THC but still experience the same benefits awarded those who enjoy our traditional hemp oil products.

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